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Yonemoto Gohdou Tax Corporation provides various services such as tax return preparation, monthly reports, and tax consulting not only for companies in Japan but also for companies overseas. In particular, we solve the taxation and accounting problems of overseas entrepreneurs who are considering expanding their business in Japan and overseas real estate investors who are thinking of investing in Japan, providing services that enable them to concentrate fully on their primary business.

Have you had any of the following experiences?

  • When we requested an estimate from a major tax accounting firm, they demanded a very high fee.
  • Since our current tax accountant does not provide performance reports, we cannot tell whether we are making a profit.

Distinctive features of Yonemoto Gohdou Tax Corporation

Our services
In addition to sharing information such as amendments and tax credits concerning Japan’s tax system, which is becoming more complex every year, we respond to tax-related questions arising in the course of daily work. We solve problems speedily through our rapid response via telephone, email, chat, and other means.

  • Bookkeeping services
  • Monthly performance reports
  • Tax return preparation
  • Tax accounting consulting

Process up to commencement of services

(1) Inquiry (initial consultation is free of charge)
You can apply for a consultation by filling out the form below or at the bottom of this page. The initial consultation is free of charge, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

(2) Initial consultation
Please do not hesitate to ask about anything that concerns you, such as the content of our services and fees. If you can send your financial statements, tax returns, etc. along with your questions, this will facilitate our response to your questions. Online consultation via chat, etc. is also possible.

(3) Submission of estimate
We submit an estimate that reflects the size of your company, volume of work, etc. Also included is an explanation of our services in detail, so please confirm this as well.

(4) Conclusion of contract
Once you have agreed to the contents of the estimate, we proceed to the conclusion of the contract.

(5) Performance reports and account settlement
We mainly check documents including accounting records and receipts and provide performance reports.
At the time of account settlement, we prepare financial statements and tax returns and offer other support, while also providing various other consulting services as appropriate.

Company Profile

Name: Yonemoto Gohdou Tax Corporation
Address: (Osaka office)
14th Floor, Grand Front Osaka Tower B
3-1, Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0011
Tel: +81-6-6375-7125
Representatives: Takashi Ono
Takahiro Yamada
Naoki Hida
Year established: 1960
Number of employees: 90 (including 23 certified public tax accountants and four certified public accountants)
Number of clients: 2,000

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